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Our Indoor Farms

All of our indoor cannabis is consciously grown with respect to our planet’s environment; our indoor farmers use the highest quality organic products that are fully biodegradable or reusable and always grown in soil, the way nature intended.  At Sun Kissed, our farmers never use hormones, rockwool or oasis cubes.
We realize indoor gardens are sometimes energy intensive; with our proven energy-saving techniques, our indoor gardens use up to 40% less electricity than the average indoor garden.  Indoor farming has come a long way in the past 10 years and at Sun Kissed we are dedicated to future farmers and technology in hopes to lead farmers into a conscious evolution.

Our Outdoor FarmsGreen House Babies3

Just like our indoor farmers, our outdoor farmers are cultivating a revolution in the cannabis industry also using only the highest quality products available created with regards to our natural surrounding.  California’s most precious watersheds are in, near or around a lot of outdoor farms in Humboldt County; at Sun Kissed we take extreme measures to ensure our farms are sustainable and beneficial to our unique and beautiful environment.  Most of our farms are completely off the grid relying only on solar or hydro power.  During the winter months we collect water in storage tanks for use in the summer months when the water levels are critical to aquatic and near terrestrial life in the rivers. We never draw water from the rivers and spring water is only used when necessary.

At Sun Kissed, we know our patients are the backbone of our collective.  Our customer service is our number one priority along with providing our members with a more healthy, consciously grown, sustainable alternative.

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